Monday, January 26, 2009

It Wasn't Me!! It Was (insert name)!!

We weren't sure it would be appropriate for Ally to walk around church or other public places and yell out something like "I farted" or "I burped" or anything like that so we've coined some other phrases as codewords. She refers to a burp as a moose and the opposite end as a buffalo. Now she can yell out "Dad, did you hear the buffalo?" and no one will have any idea what she's talking about. Everyone has their own way of raising kids and this is ours. Well, before we had our puppy Coach we got another named Jackson. He was short-lived as we had to give him back the next day: He was too big for Ally and she kinda freaked. The funny thing about this dog was that he freakin' wreaked. We got him on New Year's Day and he was hanging out with us that night for a bit. I was sitting on the floor and Becky was up on the loveseat. Jackson was laying somewhere between us and I took a whiff of something that made my eyes water. I couldn't believe it when Becky all of a sudden accused me of burning some incense that was long past its expiration date. I was offended by this as I'm NOT known for being a regular culprit in those circumstances. But she blamed me nonetheless. My problem was that I was both laughing and crying so hard that I couldn't say or do anything to defend myself. It took a good while before she realized the origin. Oh but don't worry, that wasn't the only incident with this pooch.
Now fast forward to this afternoon just after dinner. Ally let one rip pretty good and had this embarrassed look on her face. When I looked at her in shock, she simply said "Hey, I didn't do any buffalo. It was Jackson!"

I'm not sure which position she was in at the time of the infraction. Just by the smile on her face, I vote for pic #2.

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