Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's a BOY!!!

We’ve got some big news! And we figure it’s time that we share it publicly and let everyone else in on it. As you know, we bought a home a few months ago and now we’ve got all this extra space to fill. We went from a 2-bedroom apartment to a 4-bedroom house, and we’ve only got 1 kid. That means we’ve got 2 extra rooms. So what are you supposed to do with that ratio? Well, only 1 logical choice and that’s to fill in the cracks and even things out.

We’ve been considering the possibility of an addition to the home and it’s something we’ve been planning for a while now. We knew we wanted our family to grow and have the type of fun we’ve been having with Ally all over again. Now that we’re settled in our new home and we’ve kinda figured out the dynamics of the home, we decided it’s time for something to happen. So word came down today of what we were having and... ta-da!! It’s a BOY!!! Here are the initial first pictures.

So this is our new little boy, Coach. He's a purebred pomeranian. he's currently 4 months old and has more energy than the 3 of us put together. He likes to chew on whatever he can fit in his mouth. He had a hold of my sock while it was still on my foot. So I lifted my leg (no, not like he would do... get that out of your mind) and he held on and started spinning around. It was actually rather funny. He still needs a little more training as he's only had 1 class so far. We just got him this afternoon so we were not there for the training but we plan to continue on. He even arrived with puppy diapers and everything. We're playing paper-scissors-rock later to see who changes him first.

The previous owner lived in an apartment so he was couped up inside. You can imagine how much of a little fireball he was when he got his first taste of the backyard. Not sure how we got him to settle down long enough for these pics but we managed. It wasn't easy.

Well, there you have it: The first exclusive look at Ally's new little brother. If you thought anything otherwise at the beginning then I apologize for misleading you. It was never my intention. I say that with all honesty and without a smirk. The same goes for that last line. So til next time, rock on and... gotta go, he's going after the remote. Toodles!


  1. wow - you guys are BRAVE.I would rather have a kid than a dog any day, but all power to you. Of course, Ryan would divorce me (not a joke) if we got a dog.

  2. He is so adorable! He looks so much like you do Joe. My boys would love to play with him sometime, could we set up a playddate? :)

  3. oh my mom will be so happy! She is such a Pom-nut.
    The best training tool EVER for us was the coke can with a few pennies in it. Toss it at the boy when he is doing/or wandering somewhere he shouldnt be. Won't hurt him, but will annoy him so that he doesn't want to do/go there again. It works, for reals, man...

  4. Sorry for just now commenting, but as you know Joe, I am not really "on top" of reading my email .... So I just today read about your new blog. As always, great writing, simply adorable Ally, and they newest addition is even more adorable, if that is at all possible!! I must ad that the animal lover in me is sad to hear that you brought home a sad lil fella, then had to return him. But, from the "pure bred" status of the new "son", I am hoping that the "discarded" child will also be as adoptable. So, go to any Sharks games recently??