Monday, July 26, 2010

New Neighbors

We figured when we brought baby home that Coach was going to have a little bit of a tough time adjusting to his new baby sister. We still don’t know if he’s adjusted yet or not. The first couple of days he would circle around us and bark but he’s been pretty quiet the past few days. Our neighbors behind us have been making quite a bit of noise in their backyard all summer and he’s been out there quite a bit barking at them. He’s been out there even more this past week. All he’s been doing is pacing along the back fence from one side to the other.

A couple of weeks ago we could hear a bunch of noise coming from their yard. They had all kinds of power tools going but I didn’t pay much attention as their 3 boys (ages 4-10 or so) are noisy power tools themselves with all their arguing and fighting. It gets worse when Mama Banshee comes out and starts yelling at them in their native tongue.

I went to get Coach out of the garage the other morning and heard some yapping coming from their yard. It wasn’t the kids this time but instead it was some Mighty Mouse-sized mutt. I took a peek out of curiosity but couldn’t see the pint-sized pooch as it was enclosed in a 6’ high cardboard box. As I looked over the fence, that’s when I saw the little cottage against the fence. They had built themselves a freakin’ chicken coop. Everything is starting to make sense now:

  • All the power tools went into building the coop.
  • Coach paces along the back fence following the chickens around.
  • The Census in our area was done a few weeks ago… prior to the coop being built and the new tenants moving in.

I’m wondering how much rent they’re paying for their little cottage? With the economy tanking, egg-laying doesn’t sound like a bad gig right now. You can work from home and get all the fresh air you want. All I know is if I hear a rooster crowing early in the morning, I’ll be singing me some Zac Brown: “You know I like my chicken fried/ cold beer on a Friday night/ a pair of jeans that fit just right/ and the radio up.”

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Latest addition... for real this time

We added the new car to our family on Memorial Day and have now added the latest addition to our family: baby Isabella. Here is the birth info of the critter:
Isabella Jeane Caetano (kay-ta-no) Pereira
July 19,2010 @ 10:56am
8lbs. 12oz.
Here is the first photo of the kid after we brought her home.
I did say she was a critter, didn't I? Alright, alright. We have yet to bring her home as mom and child are scheduled to be released on Wednesday morning. Ally is pretty excited to have finally met her little blame-taker. We brought her in last night and she was all smiles and was eager to hold her. She's been practicing at home with our 17lb. supposed-to-be-Pomerainian-but-is-twice-the-size-a-Pom-should-be-wannabe-lapdog Coach. Both mom and baby have been doing well and things are off to a good start with health. Mom's bruised butt-bone is even feeling better. Who knew that the one-shot diet would help relieve so much of the pain she felt on her tailbone. But things are healing fine and mom is getting back to normal as well. Here are some actual pics of the new kid for the world to see. I was kind of thinking of calling her Blanket and shielding her from the paparazzi but then I remembered I'm nobody and it wouldn't matter. Enjoy...