Friday, November 20, 2009

Vegan Pooch

I've heard that if you eat too many carrots that your skin starts turing an orange hue. I didn't realize that you would turn green from eating lettuce. Our dog is wierd, that goes without saying, but the dude likes eating vegetables. We were having salad with our dinner recently and I dropped a piece of a carrot on the counter. Counters weren't terribly clean and I didn't feel like eating it. I was turning to trash it and he was looking at me quite eagerly. Naturally I thought, "I wonder what would happen if..." So I threw him a carrot and he ate it. Then I threw him a piece of cabbage and he ate that too. Then I tried some lettuce and he ate that too. It's funny that we've never given him any meat or any other table scraps but we give him veggies!! We refer to him as Ally's brother so if he's my son then it makes sense as to why he's a bit odd.

Alright, so eating his greens isn't really turning him green, but he is green nonetheless. I had just finished mowing the lawn and ran the sprinklers to make sure they were all working right and the dumb dog went running through. Mix in a little bit of water and freshly mowed lawn and voila! You end up with a green thumb. Don't ask me how we got him to sit still long enough to snap these. We must have been bribing him with a carrot.