Saturday, March 21, 2009

March Madness

The month of March has been a pretty entertaining one for us. It started out with Coach graduating from his training classes. Ally is referring to him as her little brother now which is just fine by us. Do we want her to have a little brother or sister some time? Of course, but we don't have more kids than we can afford right now and let me remind you that we did buy a house in silicon valley. So lets revisit this thought months (possibly years?) down the road. Back to the pooch... He was mad at us for leaving him behind for a week while we went to San Diego and he wouldn't follow any of the things we had been trying to train him on for a while. Even the morning of the graduation we were concerned. But he performed under pressure without a hitch and passed his test. If only he was a little bigger and could bring in the paper. He's already got the slipper thing down, although it's not quite on command. We were asked ahead of time to practice putting a hat on him for his picture and this is the best we could do. If you have any suggestions- not involving the use of tranquilizers- on how to calm an active puppy down enough to keep a hat upright on his head, feel free to post your suggestions.

Just this afternoon we did another fun and exciting event. The last few times we've gone to Sharks games Ally has asked if she could come. Unfortunately they play so late that we never get to take her as it past her bedtime. [Kids staying up way their bedtime is a great form of birth control,in case you were wondering] I checked the schedule months ago and saw that they had a 1:00pm game this afternoon. I'm sure you can only guess how long it took us to decide on whether or not we should buy tickets. We actually bought her her own Sharks jersey a while back but we kept the game a surprise all the way until the very end. We snuck our jerseys into the car and didn't pull them out until we parked. She figured it once she saw it. On our way into the parking lot, she recognized the Shark Tank as the "Sharks game place." I love her. She was a little scared at first with all the noise and with the crowd getting loud but she got over it quick. She's watched enough on TV and has practiced the Sharks song cheer plenty. She even has the song as part of her compilation CDs that I've burned for her. In the first period, the Sharks scored 2 goals :29 apart and then scored 2 more in the second period only :19 apart. With 5 goals to cheer for, she got plenty of practice today. And she clapped pumped her fist for all 5. You'll see her below in action after goal #2 in the first period. So we had lots of fun today and can't wait to do it again. She may not grow up to be a pro athlete (every dad's dream) but as long as she's loving moments like this, who can complain?
In case you're wondering, this is not her first game. We took her when she was 10 months old back on March 18, 2006 and ironically enough, that game was against Dallas also. I don't particularly agree with disgracing the national anthem, but it is kinda cool when the entire stadium boos loudly every time the word "stars" is mentioned when we play Dallas. GO SHARKS!!!!

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