Monday, January 5, 2009

Trial Run

So for those of you who may remember, I used to have a lot of fun writing a weekly newsletter of my daughter Allyson. It featured a few pictures and a description of each picture as well as a few updates of what we were up to during that particular time. This became a weekly ritual that took place every Sunday (usually) night. I guess you could say that I was "blogging" so I figured... why not just start a blog? This way, folks don't have to spend 3 days trying to open an email containing 3-4 pictures. Thos who have still use dial-up I'm sure will appreciate that. So I'll pop in every now and then and see what comes to mind. I can almost guarantee you that it will almost always have something to do with Ally. In fact, here's a preview of the type of thing you may find...

A couple days ago I went to the grocery store with Ally. They have a Red Box just inside the door. If you're not familiar with Red Box, it's just a DVD rental kiosk that costs $1 to rent/day. Ally's under the impression that we're getting a movie every time we hit the grocery store so naturally she asked if we could get one. She recognizes Batman and is dead set on watching the Dark Knight with me one of these days. No, I have not let her watch it. I know it's too intense for her and some of the movies I rent tend to be higher than a G rating so I watch them after she goes to bed. So as we're approaching the door, she tells me, "Daddy, can we get a movie? I don't want one of those bad ones that you watch after I go to bed." I'm not sure what was running through the minds of the 2 little old ladies walking beside us who began chuckling but I didn't exactly want to see the look on their faces either. If there's a moral to this story is just be sure that you know what you're doing when you decide to have kids. Be prepared to handle being embarassed in public on numerous occasions. This is why I may choose not to have more than 2 kids; 1 kid to a parent or you're outnumbered. Best form of birth control? Try raising a monkey like the one we got.

I'm sure this will improve over time as I get used to this and learn more about how all this works. But until then, enjoy...

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  1. Classic! Gotta love those embarrasing parenting moments :) Thanks for the invite to see your blog!! You two must be the nuggets who are raising the monkey!