Sunday, February 8, 2009


This is something that is constantly in progress and requiring frequent updates. Just a random collection of one-liners and phrases she throws out there that i don't want to forget. Examples:
Recently she had a doctor's appointment because her bottom was red and hurting. Doctor reminded her to make sure she wipes really good when she goes to the bathroom. She's been using the Scott and Cottonelle flushable wipes and she got her hands on several the other day.
Mom: Ally! You don't need to use 4 wipes.
Ally: I didn't. I used 5!
While watching the Lakers/Cavs game with me this afternoon, she noticed LeBron James had both of his arms covereed in tattoos.
Ally: Dad, look at him. I don't like him, he has a stamp on his arm.
At dinner at Red Robin, she untied her balloon and it flew up to the ceiling and out of reach. She was pretty upset about it but I told her I would fix it. I was waiting for a second balloon to be delivered and stalling as long as I could.
Ally: Where is it, dad?
Dad: I'm thinking of how I'm going to fix it.
After 4 seconds or so...
Ally: Do you have a really good plan yet?
Ally refused to sit with Santa while at my work Christmas party. She refused every option we presented to her.
Dad: What do you want for Christmas?
Ally: Princess jammies.
Dad: How do you expect Santa to bring you any if you won't take a picture with him? You need to sit with him and take a picture so that he'll remember your face.
Ally: That's OK, I'll just tell Grammy.

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