Friday, July 3, 2009

Street Performer.... Literally

This is more of a blog for ourselves so that we don't forget perhaps the funniest thing we've seen... possibly ever. We were heading out for some Cold Stone on Wednesday night and were driving along Old San Francisco Road... aka Reed... aka Monroe. Why California streets change names every 2 blocks has never made sense to me. There can't be that many important people around to name a street after. Anyhow, we're driving and we see this guy riding a bike with a backpack on. Becky mentions that she noticed he had a microphone in his hand. I quickly peeked in the mirrors to catch a glimpse but couldn't tell. Who said the Lord doesn't have a sense of humor? Right then the light turned red and we had to stop long enough to let this biker catch up to us again. I turned my radio off and rolled down the window and I can already hear him while he was still a few feet back. Call this stereotyping, I don't care because I'm sure everyone would have thought the same thing. This guy had dreads longer than my arms and a mic in his hand and I'm expecting him to be rapping. Nope! He came riding by singing, or at least trying to sing. And let me tell you- he SUCKED! But I gotta hand it to him tho, he kept right on crooning. He too had to stop at the light and had to put his left foot down to balance. He happened to have the mic in his left hand as well so he'd sing a line, hold the mic in the air, and start rocking out. I'm not sure what he was thinking when he tried singing out loud but he couldn't hear himself with them big ol' headphones he had on. It's safe to wear a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads and other safety equipment whlie riding a bike, I get that. What I don't get is why you would hold a mic in your hand with a wire. Wireless mic? Sure. But there was a freakin' wire attached to the bottom of this thing leading to his backpack. I haven't seen a show that entertaining since... since... since... well I guess since Grammy and her cousin Spencer performed their duet at Grampa Great's bday party. We considered a some possibilities of why he was doing what he was doing:
  1. He was recording a demo.
  2. He was rehearsing for his upcoming audition for American Idol.
  3. He realized that summer television sucks with reruns and baseball as the only sport on TV and knew that we had to get our cheap entertainment some other way.

I'm shooting for #3. I've been eager to drive along Monr... Ree... Old San Francisco Road at 6:30 the past couple nights just to find out guy. The only thing he was missing was a tip jar but I'm not sure there was enough room in his backpack for the jar and his karaoke machine.

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