Saturday, July 25, 2009

Backyard Update... 7/25/09

One of the things that attracted us to our house when we were in the market was the fact that we had endless possibilities witht he backyard. The house itself was in good shape but there was nothing out back but dirt and broken concrete. For the last month now, we've had one project after another in the yard. We started by redoing the patio concrete, then moved on to the patio covering, and are now working on the lawn area. We've mixed in some painting here and there and are coming along nicely. The best part is that it's been a family affair. Here are a few pics to show some of the progress:

We had a couple of huge truckloads of dirt delivered the other day and I've been out there shoveling some into a wheelbarrow and going back and forth. It's been quite the workout and Ally's been pitching in with her shovel as well.

We've had a great time doing this so far even though working outdoors is just not that fun. At least it's been breezy over the past couple days, that's made a big difference. Just this morning we had a crew of a few over that were helping shovel in some of that dirt. We started with about 10 yards on Thursday and I was able to do one by myself. But we must have knocked out about 8 cubic yards today with the crew we had. Now that was a workout. In fact, I'm so impressed with how hard we worked and what it's done for me physically that I just had to brag a bit. Hope you enjoy the following real-time pic of me as I can't guarantee that I will keep this up for too long. After the project is done with, I'm going to need a break.
Yes, that's really me, I promise!!!!!

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  1. Hey if you guys come back east and help us with one of our projects we'll come out and help you with one of yours! Can't wait to see the final project!