Monday, May 31, 2010

New Addition to the Family

We weren't expecting to add to our family until July, but Christmas came a little early this year. We know that nothing goes according to plan as often we'd like as we never know what life will throw at usalong the way. We figured baby would come in July and we had time to plan things out but things didn't turn out quite that way.

We spent this morning like most Memorial Day mornings: we got up and washed the Ford Escape and drove over to the church for the annual Memorial Day Breakfast. We left the clean Escape at home and took the dirty Jetta instead. Ally left with Grammy without saying goodbye and we figured we had a free playday... or at least a few hours. So we decided to go out looking at cars, not necessarily expecting to come home with one. We at least wanted to check things out and see what was out there. One thing we knew for sure was that with 2 kids we would need something bigger than the Jetta. This is the last time we saw the Jetta...We stopped at a dealer and started looking and found something that we thought we liked. We both took it for a test drive and liked it and decided it was what we wanted. We both had our eye on the Chevy Equinox and had been looking into it a bit. We liked it enough to leave the Jetta behind and walk away with our new addition. So here it is...
BUT... we wen't the only one who got a new set of wheels. Good ol' Uncle Ben got himself a new bike. I'm not sure if he was planning on getting rid of his old one but this one seems to suit him. I love how he's going for what he calls the "on-deck": wearing the helmet over the baseball cap. Gotta give him credit for respecting the mandatory state law of wearing a helmet while on a bike.


  1. I can't decide if the new car looks like you or Becky! Congratulations on the new addition!

  2. Nice ride! Can't wait to see you guys and the "new addition" when we come in October!!!