Sunday, May 30, 2010

At the Speed of Life...

It's been quite a while since our last blog but that's what being busy gets you. A number of things have happened since then and here's just a few:
  • Feb. 7- Ally loses her first tooth before the age of 5. Shouldn't be a surprise since she got her first teeth at 14 weeks. 3 weeks later she loses another. She then loses #3 in April and is in the process now of losing #4.

  • During Becky's week off in February, Joe took the week off and we headed to a couple places for a quick family outing. We first headed to the Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield and Ally had a great time... eating jelly beans. We also headed off to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Ally got to see her fish and we used the trip as a good excuse to check out Rosine's (shameless plug). The food isn't great but this place is all about the deserts. We walk in and see a display of cakes about 12" high. We were going to get a couple slices as we couldn't decide which to choose. We noticed a cake with quite a chunk cut out and asked what the size of a slice was. "You see what's missing out of that cake? That size." Needless to say, we stuck to a single slice and it was great! We'd been hearing quite a bit of this place and we're anticipating the next trip.

  • March- we find out that baby #2 is another girl. We're calm as we realize that it will be cheaper this way since we saved a bit of Ally's things. Prior to finding out we asked Ally if she wanted a baby brother or sister. "I want a baby sister. We already have Coach (the dog) so I already have a brother." Precious. It's a good thing Coach's training class graduation diploma lists his name as Coach Pereira. I'm not sure we're allowed to have a baby boy to carry the name otherwise thanks to Ally's selection process.

  • April- we got the "Avatar" Blu-Ray... awesome!

  • May- Ally turned 5. We ended up getting a much bigger cake for her than we thought so we had a couple people over to help us eat it. We asked for no gifts but of course no one ever listens to me. Ally was opening her gifts and when she got to Grammy's, everyone asked "what is it?" Ally nonchalantly grabbed the bag and before loooking in said, "Clothes, of course." Sure enough, it was clothes. She got the bike she's been wanting and then asked what kind of bike she was gonna get when she turned 6. And we decided to have another girl?

That's been the major events over the past couple of months. Too many little things in between but little time to sit and blog regularly. Maybe one day when we have nothing better to do. At least tomorrow is Memorial Day and we both get to enjoy a day off. Much needed.

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