Sunday, September 26, 2010

Quick Tidbits...

Driving down Kiely Blvd. yesterday on the way to Safeway we saw something that totally freaked us out for a minute. We had just finished eating dinner and were plenty stuffed, but in a matter of moments we almost lost our dinners. As we were cruising, pulling up alongside us was a hearst... or so we thought. A dark vehicle passed us on the right and we both held our breath. But low and behold, it was not a hearst but a Lexus IS 300. They may look completely different on the outside, but have you ever seen another car besides a hearst with curtains?... black curtains?... and gathered in the center? I think all 4 people sitting inside this car were alive as the curtains were gathered. I'm sure they'd be pulled closed had there been an actual corpse in there. This was a freakin' Lexus... with curtains! The only other time I can ever remember seeing curtains near a Lexus was when they unveiled there was a Lexus behind curtain #3 on The Price Is Right.


Bella started smiling this week and they've come at random times. While mom was changing Bella's diaper yesterday, the kid decided to let fly an air biscuit. This one stunk a bit and was accompanied by a smile that lasted for quite a while. The entire time mom was complaining about the smell, the kid just kept smiling. I couldn't complain. In fact, I was quite proud of this prized pupil. Wouldn't you find it humorous if you had just let off in someone's face and they couldn't walk away from it?


Something to think about... why did the geniuses at Toyota design the Prius to top out at 20mph? And why does there have to be so many on the road that I always end up getting stuck behind one... going 20mph on the freeway?

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