Monday, August 9, 2010

No More Lumps

When we bought our house we noticed a couple of things that would quickly have to change; 1) The shower head in our master bathroom ("master" bathroom which is about the size of a porta-potty) and 2) the chandelier in the kitchen were unusually low. The first couple of tries in the shower resulted in me getting down on my knees to rinse the shampoo. Even Becky would have to bend down. Didn't take long for us to replace the shower head with a detachable head. Not necessarily ideal but at least this way we didn't have to rip out tile and redo anything. The chandelier in the kitchen came down to about my left armpit so you can imagine how many times I bumped my head on that thing. I think something was trying to tell me that helping out with the dishes was just bad for my health. We should have known things would be bad when the neighbor across the street told me the previous owner was only about 4'10". Something had to give...

Today was the day that something was finally done. We got us some ceiling fans recently and my brother-in-law Vidal was on vacation this week and came and helped me install a couple. Neither one of us is an electrician by trade but he at least has done this before in his own home. Me on the other hand... I'd probably be smart enough to go and do some wiring while stepping in a puddle of water. So I stuck to the screws and the blades of the fan. We made a great team and got 2 of the fans installed. We still got 3 left to do but those will come later this week. At least for now I can have my oatmeal lumpy and not have lumps after my oatmeal. Life is good... and a little cooler these days.

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