Sunday, January 10, 2010

Maybe We Should Eat In

Over the years we've had a certainphrase regarding our dinner choices. Every Sunday we head to Becky's folks for dinner, Monday-Thursday we would eat at home, and Friday-Saturday we would head out to dinner. With a kid and a mortgage, we've tried to cut the eating out to just Saturdays. During the week we would ask "What's for dinner?," and on the weekend it would be "Where's for dinner?" Apparently the where's part is getting out of control. One place that we normally go to is Chili's. It's local, fast, reasonab le prices, good food... nothing to really complain about. So we were there last night and Ally ordered her normal thing: chicken platter with a side of mandarin oranges. Most kids grow up on french fries, she's grown out of them. She's never been normal, what can I say. She loves oranges and we always end up asking f or an extra side of them for her. Need proof that we've probably eaten out way too often with her? Once she finished her first side, she turned to Becky and said, "Mom, when the girl comes back and asks 'how was our dinner?' and we say 'fine,' can you ask her for her some more oranges?" I can only imagine how much her kindergarten teacher is going to love this structured little bossy one.

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