Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ice Cream & Mammals

We enjoyed a nice holiday weekend without any need to worry about work. Judging by the day I had today being audited THE ENTIRE DAY, I needed the entire 4-day weekend to make up for today alone. We hooked up with our friend Rachel and did something that we had to go all the way to San Diego for because we just never did it here: we played at the zoo. The last 3 trips we made to the zoo were in San Diego and Salt Lake. Why we couldn't just go to San Francisco (awful city) or Oakland and catch one of those zoos that are less than an hour drive away is a question we can't really answer. But we muscled up and made it to San Francisco (awful city) after all and spent Saturday there. We took the kids and they just had a blast. The entire day was overcast and I never once removed my hoodie. It was that cold. But that meant the animals actually came out to play without battling the heat. They still didn't do much but at least they were out in view and not hiding in a rock or cave and out of the sun. Ally and I have found a new favorite cartoon, The Penguins of Madagascar on Nickleodean. These guys stole both of the movies and we are highly entertained by their scheming in their own cartoon. So it was without question that the penguins, lemurs and chimps were the highlights. We had a funny little lemur who was tanning under a heatlamp. I didn't realize until we got home that he was sticking out his tongue. Reminded us of our pup Coach when he's laying on my lap. I'll lay him belly up and rub his chest and he just lays with his head cocked to the side and his tongue out. You'll see what I mean in the pic below.
The other pic that you see here is of us in the maternity ward at El Camino Hospital. For those who have delivered or visited there, I hope you caught that. That is either the biggest head-scratcher or the funniest joke anyone's ever come up with. Who had the idea of placing an enormous hippo statue sprawled out on the floor on the maternity of the hospital? I've never given birth myself (not a fan of Oprah and don't feel like taking her calls) but I don't think that I would want to have a hippo be the first thing I see after carrying an extra 40lbs. for several months.
Switching topics for a moment... Ally dropped another funny little nugget on us a couple days ago. We have this ice cream truck that comes around every day and circle our court. He did this in the middle of December, he's relentless. He doesn't have that catchy little radio jingle that most trucks of his kind normally have. Instead, he rings a bell over and over again. We were sitting inside as Ally was lost in her toys when the bell rang. She looked up at me and said, "Dad, it's Choco Taco Paco." Umm oops! I don't know where she heard that one, I swear. That's it, I'm not letting her watch anymore Dora.

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